In its distant origins, Guadalajara was linked to Celtoberian culture, though the earliest historical references tell of its strategic military importance to the emirs and caliphs of C√≥rdoba. It was then known as Madinat al-Faray in memory of its conqueror, and Wad al-Hayara, Arab translation of its pre-Roman name, Arriaca.

guada1Today, Guadalajara, after a period of extensive economic development and urban growth, is vibrant and welcoming. It is a well-appointed city, with ample green areas and a range of services to meet the needs of its people, who are well satisfied with the quality of life that the city now offers.

Its excellent cuisine, based on high calorie dishes suited to the climate of the region, deserves special mention. Amongst its specialities, there is roast lamb and roast kid goat accompanied by breve sauce, a dressing of aromatic herbs soaked in vinegar. For dessert, honey from La Alcarria, with Designation of Origin since 1992.

Another great attraction of our city, is its geographical location: it is situated in the center of Spain, half an hour from Madrid and twenty minutes from Madrid-Barajas International Airport, also has a TGV station 10 minutes away from city, a trains station and an intercity bus network.

Guadalajara is all this and much more. It is a city steeped in history and brimming with hospitality as seen in the friendliness of its people. A city that has a lot to be discovered, a lot to be enjoyed.